• 2016 Wedding Trends

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    The New Year is here and Plan It is excited to announce some 2016 wedding trends that’ll make this year one to remember. We’re saying goodbye to some favorites like small casual weddings & rustic themes and saying hello to classic glitz & glam. Here are a few trends that’ll have you in awe.

    Back to Traditional 

    We’re seeing more classic black tie & gown weddings, with a decline of backyard barn weddings. Barn venues are still trending, but they are being “dressed up” with metallic colors, chandeliers, draping, and high non-floral centerpieces. Wedding dresses are also seeing a change; high necklines or long sleeves can be the perfect match for your classy wedding. Do not be fooled by the name, although traditional, your wedding can be as unique as you want it!

    Themes for the Non-traditional 

    If black tie doesn’t fit your personality, there’s still a theme for your big day! Garden & Bohemian themes are a great alternative for the couple looking for something different. You can dress yourself up with a flower crown, chain headpiece, navy suit, or light colors. These weddingtrends would contain lush greenery, lanterns, touches of blush colors, and mismatched cups and china.

    The Party 

    The reception is something your guests look forward to most; it’s a time to let loose and celebrate their loved ones. What’s a party without the music? Couples are hiring DJs and Live bands to (share) center stage at their wedding. They’re also opting for special performances to show their culture & heritage. With all the dancing your attendees are bound to get hungry! Couples are showcasing more of their favorite everyday foods, such as French fries, waffles, and soups.


    We have all heard of a Photo Booth, but how much fun would a Video Booth be? Couples are attaching a Go Pro to their guests and having them walk around and creating their own video montage. Another video trend is having just the highlights for you & your loved ones to enjoy. These highlights may include, parts of the vows, the first kiss, the announcements, and any special moment you may want to fall in love with over and over again.

    These wedding trends are just the start of 2016! If you need guidance on all the new changes or just need help getting all your ideas together, Plan It is always here!

    Happy 2016!