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    You’re getting married! It’s time to rally up your girls (or guys) and start the wedding planning adventure. The wedding party is an important part to you and the wedding. Not only do they help with small details & parties, but they also provide emotional support. It may be overwhelming to dictate all areas of the wedding planning, so it’s important to assign a person you trust to help. Not sure where to start on wedding party duties? Not to worry, Plan It has created a (compact) list to help you get started.

    Before the, “I dos”
    Once you’ve asked your Maid/Matron of honor and Best Man/Women to be part of the wedding, their duties start. It is vital to choose someone who you trust to make decisions on your behalf. The first celebration to plan will be the wedding shower. The right hand people will have to buy & address the invitations, plan and execute the event, and write down all the gifts the couple received and who gave it to them. If the couple chooses to have a bachelorette or bachelor party, it is duty of their respective best person to put it together.

    Once the fun of the party planning is over, the right hand people will have to help organize the couples’ wedding needs. These can be vendor appointments, wedding attire fittings, and any emotional support. Everyone in the wedding party can unite and help with different parts of the ongoing celebrations.

    The Maid or Matron of honor needs to be by the bride’s side until she walks down the aisle. The day of duties include helping her get into her dress, keeping her calm & smiling, fixing her veil and train at all times during pictures, and holding the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony.

    The best man will stand by the groom’s side until he walks down the aisle. Their responsibilities are holding the rings, ensuring all groomsmen are ready on time, keeping the groom calm and smiling, and holding on to the officiant’s fees until the end of the ceremony.

    Once the party has kicked off, the wedding party duties are not done yet. During the reception, they can gather the help of all wedding party members to ensure the couple stays calm and happy. Some duties include welcoming guests, dancing (at least one wedding party member should be on the dance floor at all times), and making sure guests know where the guest book is and any special instructions.

    The right hand man/women will do a toast honoring the couple and their new life together. (Typically the person on the groom’s side would go first).

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    Being in the wedding party comes with a lot of responsibilities, but it also brings joy being closely involved with one of the most important days of your loved ones’ life.

    Whether you follow this list or have some things to add, always remember to cherish what your wedding party does for you and enjoy every second leading up to your wedding day.

    Happy Wedding Party Choosing!