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    Have you been bitten by the travel bug yet? If getting married in a different city sounds fun and exciting, a destination wedding might be the way to go! More couples are opting for a change of scenery, location, or weather. This might sound like a daunting task, but not to worry- Plan It travels! Some places we have visited (and left a trail of organization & beauty behind) are Atlanta, Boca, and Melbourne. Having a coordinator can make any wedding easier, but when it’s a different destination than what you’re familiar with, a coordinator can be a true-life saver. We become a vendor liaison, professional at avoiding any crisis, and the person who steps in on the couple’s behalf.

    Since we live in a popular tourist area, we get a high volume of couples planning their wedding out of state. This is when they hire us as their planner. The positive side to this situation is, we are completely familiar with the area and can answer any questions you may have during the planning process. For our visual couples, we can create a design board, provide photos, and be as hands on as they need us to be. If you’re someone who feels more comfortable having a trusted person here to direct decisions and be closer to your vendors, this option is probably right for you.

    Some couples connect emotionally with their planner and prefer to bring them to their destination wedding. This option is fantastic for couples who want to see and speak to their planner more often meeting in person. As wedding professionals we can adapt to any destination in order ensure our couples are taken care of!.

    Atlanta Wedding: 

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    No matter how stressful a destination wedding can be, just remember to enjoy every step of the planning and Plan It is always here to help!

    Happy Travels! 

    Destination Wedding

    Destination Wedding  Destination Wedding  Destination Wedding