• 5 Ways to Have a Beautiful Budget Wedding

  • We recently found an article on Project Wedding on how to have a beautiful wedding but be realistic with the budget as well. It’s hard to not to go over the top with everything when it comes to venue, floral, details, and of course, the dress! But with these tips you can be successful and have the wedding of your dreams!
    If you are planning your wedding on a budget, here are some tips that we believe that are absolutely necessary to know!Enjoy!
    1. Keep the ceremony realistic when it comes to your budget. The venues could be in a park, garden, beaches or the cheapest of all- someone’s home. You could also be creative and pick a venue where you first met including college or favorite restaurant.
    2. Decrease the number of attendees. The fewer of guests you invite the more money you save on wedding invitations, postage, and food favors. The plus of fewer guests can accommodate for a small venue and make your special day more meaningful when surrounded by family and friends.3. Choose low-cost invitations. For save the dates, thank you’s and many more try creating them online. If you have a crafty style, try creating your own! Creating your own will give more a personal touch when sending them out to your guests.4. Dress for less. Visit bridal stores in your local area or even searching online like Craigslist or eBay – you might be actually surprised by the results you see! You could also look at consignment shops and also shop outlet malls!

    5. Photography on a budget. Everyone knows a friend who is in the photography business, so ask him or her to photograph your special day! Or you can employ a photographer but only allow couple photos only. Also, put disposable cameras on the reception tables so guests can make their own memories on your special day!

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