• Which Bridal Attire Trend is For You?

  • Saying yes to the dress can make any bride instantly fill with joy, but could you imagine saying yes to more than one dress? What if I told you some brides are saying no to a dress and yes to a bridal jumpsuit?

    If falling in love with more than one dress has got you in the slumps, go ahead and buy the ones you love! Brides are overpassing the second dress trend and taking it a step further with a new bridal attire trend- a third dress. Each dress transition will give you a chance to show off your personality (and show off different styles that fit your body perfectly-yes!) Having three dresses may sound overwhelming, but it. can be difficult to find a dress for all parts of the wedding. A ball gown can be beautiful for a ceremony, but a little hard to dance and maneuver in during the reception. Not ready to change into a short party dress for dinner? Take off the larger dress and slip into a sleek elegant dress to enjoy the beginning of the reception. Once the party gets started, there’s no better way to dance the night away than in a fun (easy to move) mini-dress.

                Ceremony:                                Reception:                                  Party: 

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    Bridal jumpsuits have been making more of an appearance at weddings. If you’re more of a laid back bride and want to ensure you’re comfortable (but still chic) on your special day, this might be the bridal attire trend for you! When chosen correctly, jumpsuits can be feminine, and in the right color, no one is going to second guess who’s the bride in the room. So go ahead and make a statement!

    Bridal Attire Trends

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    Whether you’re looking for more than one dress to complete your wedding look or an upcoming new bridal attire trend, you know your style more than anyone, so find the perfect fit for your perfect day!

    Happy Shopping!