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    This month, our featured vendor is none other that Brie & Brie, a fabulous hair and makeup beauty team in Central Florida! We have had the honor and pleasure of working with Brittney Boscana and her team on some really beautiful weddings and this week we took some time to get to know her and her business. She has some great advice on choosing a beauty team!

    brittney boscana brie & brie– How did Brie & Brie get started?

    “When I was in cosmetology school, I found what I loved the most was being creative with hair styles.  Of course they teach the basics of hair cuts, colors, etc. but I couldn’t wait to explore long hair dressing (updos). Unfortunately, that wasn’t part of the curriculum which lead me to start self-teaching. In fact, one time I did an updo my teacher wouldn’t even count it because it was so bad.  After I got my license I started pursuing education specifically for long hair dressing.  I took every class I could on updo’s and bridal makeup while I was working behind the chair and persuing a career as a hair stylist.  About 5 years ago, I happened to meet a fabulous makeup artist who took a chance on me, and started hiring me to work weddings with her. I loved it!  I knew this was my passion.  I created my own brand as Brie & Brie and started freelancing and later booking my own weddings.”

    – What should couples expect when hiring your beauty team?

    brittney boscana braided updo“Professionalism. We love our wedding parties and we love what we do!  We understand the beauty and expectations of the perfect day for the bride. We strive to be – and consider ourselves specialists in the wedding industry. We are able to listen to what styles the bride is picturing for her look  and we design something accordingly. We’re not afraid to venture into looks that are unique.”

    – Do you have a specific style or do you customize the look to each client?

    “I’m known for braids! Which I must admit I do love creating a style with braids. However, we customize every updo/down-do for each client. Most brides will bring pictures of what they like and we will design something according to that.  This is great because it’s always pushing us to be more creative.”

    – Can you tell me about your process for selecting an updo design?

    “A bride almost always brings us a picture of what she is envisioning. We evaluate her hair, length density and texture all help determine the outcome of the updo/downdo.”

    brie and brie updo artist– How do you decide on what style of makeup to use on your clients?

    “It really depends on the client.   We look for their individuality and what they are comfortable with. Most brides that hire us have seen our work and like our style. However, we do like when they give us the picture of what they like and we will create something according to that with their natural features.  Every woman has their own beauty.  We combine our expertise working with their features to enhance and highlight their individual beauty.”

    – What is your favorite part of getting a bride ready for her wedding?

    “I love hearing the wedding party reminisce.  Every bride has a story – how they met, bachelorette party fun, honeymoon destinations  and of course, we love hearing the embarrassing moments!  Laughter helps calm nerves!”

    – Does your beauty team only work in Central Florida?

    “No! We are on location and travel all over!”

    – What is one tip that you could give to a couple looking to hire a hair & make-up team for their wedding?

    brittney boscana updo artist“A beauty team that specializes in wedding hair and makeup is different from hiring a hairstylist or spa specialist. Invest in a consultation! Beauty is art!  Look for the artist with the style and vibe you want to be around on your wedding day. Consultations are a good measure for this. The bride needs to be comfortable with knowing that who she chooses she can trust.  The worst thing for a bride is having her wedding day unravel because the people she is depending on didn’t deliver.

    Also, this is very important. Find an artist that upholds sanitary practices. They should have clean brushes, no double dipping, and should spray their makeup products when they are finished, with alcohol. Someone who uses the same brush, mascara wand, or lipstick from one person to the next is putting you at a high risk for infection. This is what sets a professional apart from an enthusiast.”

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