• Dessert Trends

  • Gone are the days when couples opt for just the traditional wedding cake. We’ve been seeing tons dessert trends for weddings. The possibilities are endless, and it allows the client to tie their personality to their sweets preferences! We’ve found some great ideas for alternative desserts at your wedding. Try not to look at this when you’re hungry!

    Donuts: Because who doesn’t love donuts?! Whether you like frosted, donut holes and or wall (yes, a wall!!) of donuts, these are always a great option for dessert trends or late night snacks!

    wedding trend donut wall

    This is a massively extensive donut wall, but it does get the point across! Let your guests choose their favorite flavor at their leisure throughout the later half of the reception. Thanks for sharing, Style Me Pretty !

    wedding trend donut dessert

    We love these Pumpkin Spice Latte Donuts for a Fall Wedding. Staying with the season is a great dessert trend that your guests are sure to love.

    wedding trend donut towerYou can still have donuts as your dessert trend, while trying to keep it health conscious. Adding fresh fruits & yogurts to your donut station can add a pop of color to the palette, while still keeping everyone happy!

    A Different Take on ‘Cake’: You can still have your cake & eat it too! Just, um, in a different format.

    wedding trends cheesecake bar

    Cheesecake, that is. We love the idea of any kind of self serve dessert trend bar, if you will. This Cheesecake Bar is a completely different approach, and allows guests to choose what toppings they want to enjoy it with!

    wedding cake to go

    Cake makes a great late night snack after the wedding! So, let your guests enjoy some of the delicious sweets on the way back to their hotel room with these cake slices to go!

    wedding trend champagne cupcakes

    Ah, yes, the cupcake. We love a good cupcake, but if going with this ongoing dessert trend, try to change it up a bit! One way to do this is to introduce a different flavor, like champagne cupcakes. Top them off with some glitter and they make the perfect dessert.

    Chocolate Dipped Anything: who doesn’t love chocolate?! We’re not talking about the dated (& messy) chocolate fountains. We think an up & coming dessert trend is having a lovely display of different foods dipped in chocolate, along with assorted fruits. It’s a lighter dessert option that won’t make guests feel guilty or too full.

    wedding dessert chocolate marshmallows wedding dessert rice krispies

    Now that you’ve seen some popular dessert trends, we hope you can implement some of these tasty treats into your wedding! Happy Tasting!