• DIY Card Boxes

  • One thing that is necessary on the Gift Table is a receptacle for guests to place cards. Let’s face it, it’s easier to “just give money” and not have to hassle with picking out a gift to bring to the wedding. Most gifts off the couple’s registry are brought to the bridal shower or engagement party. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a card box, especially since that’s probably the only time you will ever use it. This is an easy Wedding DIY that any bride can make to fit her theme & vision! We found some great examples of DIY card boxes that you can get the supplies at any craft store!

    bird cage wedding cards
    Bird cages are very popular for modern day weddings. They are simple decor element, and add a vintage touch to any soiree!
    painted box card holder
    Painting and tying a ribbon around some old hat boxes make a perfect place for cards!
    tree bark wedding box
    If your theme is a rustic outdoor wedding, then this “tree trunk” embellished with moss is a perfect fit!
    wedding card mailbox holder
    This is probably the easiest. Just buy any mailbox and paint it with whatever matches your wedding and voila! It fits perfects indoors or outdoor (and can even be reused one day!)
    Whatever card holder you choose, make sure it is easy for guests to place cards in. You don’t want your guests fumbling at the gift table, and perhaps bending your cards in order to make them fit into your card box!
    Happy Monday!