• DIY Save The Dates!

  • Save the Dates are almost as important as the actual invitation! It is the first thing you send out to loved ones revealing when the big day is. It doesn’t have to be as formal as an invitation, but it does have to be informative, letting your guests know the date (obviously), the city, and sometimes your theme. Some Save the Dates tie in with the couple’s theme, or just express their creative sides, since the wedding will be a bit more formal. We found some great Do-It-Yourself ideas if you are wanting to save money to spend on other areas within your budget. Enjoy!
    thumbprint heart save date
    This one is adorable and simple! You simply print on card stock the necessary information and get crafty with  a little paint and your thumbprints!
    wood sign save date
    This sign can be painted over and re-purposed at the wedding! The most important information is in the foreground, with a romantic setting for the couple.
    calendar print save date
    Templates can be found almost anywhere on the internet nowadays and many are free for you to download and use yourself! Having an actual calendar is a visual way to show people that they need to Save the Date!


    Happy Monday!