• DIY: Table Names!

  • I always tell my brides & grooms to personalize their wedding as much as possible. After all, it istheir wedding, so they should do what they want with it! One way to tie in subtle personal bits is to revamp the whole “table numbers” idea. Couples can get really creative with this part and name the tables anything they want–after their favorite movies/actors, places they’ve traveled together, quotes they love, etc. We found some great ideas to help you start thinking of how you are going to name your tables!

    wedding table band names
    If you’re both music fans, these records with your favorite bands on them make for great table names that your guests are sure to love too.
    wedding table song names
    Playing with the music theme, you can also use your favorite songs together.
    wedding table traveled places
    Take “places you’ve traveled together” a step further- add a cute photo in that place for your guest tables.
    Either way you decide, make it fun, make its easy & inexpensive, and make itYOURS! 
    Happy Monday!