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    Andie Muller of The Flower Studio is truly a star among the Orlando wedding industry and we have been blessed enough to have worked with her on so many gorgeous weddings and even the fun “Woodsy Winter” styled shoot we did last December! She is a Certified Florida State Master Designer and her work has been featured in magazines, blogs, and other publications. With a passion for floral design, she exudes the confidence and professionalism that we treasure in our vendor teams on a busy wedding day. We have had the awesome opportunity to get to know Andie and hope that you will have the chance to, as well!

    the flower studio altamonte

    Owner – Andie Muller, FSMD

    What is the history of The Flower Studio?

    “The Flower Studio started back in 2009 as a home based and internet based wedding business. I am originally from Brazil and I had a florist together with my mom prior to moving to Florida in 2000. Our main clients were couples that had almost no money to spend but still needed someone with knowledge and professionalism to help them with their wedding flowers. In 2010, the opportunity to buy a retail florist that was closing due to the economy came across, and with lots of faith and desire to work, The Flower Studio started as a retail store and wedding studio. In 2013, we relocated to Altamonte Springs and our wedding business became our focus. The Flower Studio is ‘your place for fashionable flowers’. There is not a budget that we can’t work with.”

    What should couples expect when hiring you?

    “Flexibility and professionalism. We are here to help and can make it anything happen – no minimum, no extra charges for holidays or last minute flowers. We will go the extra step, as long as the couple is flexible, we are too. Also, we have no hidden fees – everything is optional, from delivery to setup to breakdown. Every item has a price.”

    How customizable can the clients be with the arrangements?

    “They can ask for anything – and we will provide a proposal for an approval. Everything is optional. And as always, consultations are complimentary. With the Pinterest world, lots of floral designers have no idea on the mechanics – how to make sure flowers won’t fall apart, won’t wilt, and will last. There is where the training and the mastering of a professional master designer comes in. Anyone can arrange flowers. Anyone can bake a cake. But would you rather have a professional taking care of your special day? Of course! So you can enjoy and relax, making sure everything will be okay.”

    What is your favorite floral trend?

    “Simple and elegant – the one that you will look back in 20 years and still be in love with it. Trends are great – they come and go, and are very inspiring. Vintage, Gatsby, Woodsy… We can do it all though, we have done different themes including UF Gators, FSU Seminoles, baseball, etc.”

    What is your favorite part of creating floral for a couple’s big day?

    “The moment that I ask the question ‘Are you ready to book?’ and I get a ‘yes’ as an answer. That means that all our hard work, classes, symposiums, education, networking and conventions were and are worth the cost and the time. Every wedding is unique – from a $200 personal flowers to a $5,000 reception. We will treat you the same way. With respect and passion.”

    Where do you find your inspiration for your designs?

    pink green bridal bouquet

    Photo via The Flower Studio

    “From Pinterest (my BFF) to magazines, from classes (like the one I am taking in September in Canada and October in Brazil) to Facebook floral groups – but the couple has the final word. I am here to give my opinion if asked. If not, I will create what they have been dreaming. Without a problem.”

    What is one tip that your could give to a couple that is looking to hire a florist?

    “Do your homework, ask questions, read reviews online, and ask other vendors for suggestions. Don’t settle for the cheapest one. Flowers cost money. Labor costs money. And you need to trust your vendors. I can’t tell my brides enough about having a coordinator to help you choose, decide and follow up with other vendors. There is no money that pays for a smooth and stress-free wedding. Ever!”

    Get in Touch with Andie to schedule your consultation today!

    Phone: 321-422-0823

    Studio: 580 Palm Springs Drive Suite 582A, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701