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    We have had the pleasure of working with FyerFly Productions on so many beautiful and fun weddings! With spectacular lighting services and DJs that are sure to get the party going, this team will light up your next event with their love of music and passion for this industry!

    We interviewed some of the stars of the FyerFly team and here is what we have found out:

    Fyerfly Productions team

    Jw Jaeger, DJ/MC (left) & Jim O’neill, President & Head Musical Genius (right)

    Where does the name “Fyerfly Productions” originate?

    Jim: “The name Fyerfly does have an interesting story and originated from a family vacation in the Tennessee mountains. We were on an ATV ride at sunset with our children, and came to a stop at the top of a grass hill… and in the corn fields in front of us were a bunch of fireflies lighting up the country-side as the sun was going down. Literally, as cliché as it sounds, a movie scene was happening right in front of our eyes. That’s when we as a family decided our production company would be called FyerFly. (Of course we had to be a little creative with the spelling)”

    What should couples expect when hiring the FyerFly team?

    Jim: “Great question! Couples can expect to be welcomed by a personal, modern approach to event designing. Our clients are able to choose music for each part of their event at their discretion, or we welcome them to suggestions we can provide from personal experience. We enjoy letting the client take the reins as much as they wish and we organize their entertainment needs into a successfully designed.

    In addition, lighting design is just as much fun to plan with! We thrive on the creativity that our client brings to the table when wanting to design a space. We like to make sure we have met their desires with what they have been dreaming about while also offering ideas that they may have not thought of before.”

    FyerFly Productions event

    How would you describe your style when DJing?

    Jim: “My style can be described as being involved and entertaining through my music choice. I mean this, by being able to control a crowd or dance floor by simply making the right track selection. I am a strong believer in feeling the way a crowd is feeling, even from behind your DJ setup. Knowing the right time to play that 70’s or 80’s throwback jam to keep those feet moving or playing an acoustic or dance version of a song that you may know, but haven’t heard this way before. I certainly take the artistic route when it comes to mixing. I enjoy consistently providing a high energy dance floor to each of my clients.”

    JW: “I do not think I necessarily have a set style. I would say I am very ‘per event’ specific. I can do a whole night for high schooler’s or play a 50’s and 60’s themed sock hop. I enjoy a good Great Gatsby themed wedding or I can amp it up with today’s Top 40 and radio tunes. Knowing music and knowing it well is what I really pride myself on as an entertainer.”

    How customizable can your client be when they hire FyerFly?

    Jim: “Our clients can be as customizable as they would like to be. From the first meeting, we take the time to understand our client’s desired role in event planning and how involved they would like to be with the planning process. We always enjoy giving suggestions through the months prior to the big event, as well. With a super user-friendly online planning system, picking out songs for different parts of the event is simple with suggestions of the perfect song for each moment. The options are up to you!”

    FyerFly Productions event

    What is your favorite part of DJing an event?

    Jim: “My favorite part of DJing is seeing a person’s face light up at beginning of the next song I’m bringing in, that moment when you catch yourself yelling ‘Oh, I remember this song!’ There is just something about the way music can make you feel!”

    JW: “Oh hands down the crowd’s energy! You just feed off it during your performance. The fun that’s being had and just the sheer excitement is what does it for me.”

    What is one tip you could give to someone looking to hire a DJ and lighting team?

    Tabitha O’neill, Co-owner & Operations Manager: “If you hire a DJ with a personality that meshes well with yours, you are pretty much guaranteed a great time on your big night. Sure, there are a few things to make sure of as far as contracts and paperwork is concerned but you are selecting your entertainment for the evening! Also, make sure it is a company or individual that you like and can imagine your guests having fun with or a lighting team that is able to accomplish everything you’ve asked for. Do your homework but also make sure you like these people before you hire them!”

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