• Proposing To Your Groomsmen

  • How to Propose to your Groomsmen

    Alright gentlemen, if you thought you were done when you asked her to marry you, sorry to disappoint. Your duties have only just begun! At your wedding, you will choose to have some of your favorite and most reliable friends stand by your side. Also, these men will be there to support you while you support your bride through the wedding-planning process.

    Here are some ideas on how to pop the second biggest question to your groomsmen:

    With their favorite drink

    Considering that you are putting these men in charge of your bachelor party, we are going to assume they know how to party! Give your guys the gift of alcohol is a sure way to win them over. For your groomsmen that are underage, a cool, vintage-looking bottle of their favorite soda is a pretty cool gift too!

    groomsmen proposal gift groomsmen proposal gift groomsmen proposal gift

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    With personalized gifts

    Who doesn’t love personalized gifts? These awesome gift ideas show that you had confidence in who you chose for your groomsmen and also that you spent a little extra to show how important they are to you. They will be thrilled to use these gifts at the bachelor party and at the wedding.

    groomsmen personalized gift groomsmen personalized gift groomsman personalized gift

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    With matching pieces to wear on the big day

    It’s no surprise that your groomsmen will wear matching, or at least coordinating, outfits at the wedding. Gifting them matching belts, socks, or ties is a pratical and fun way to give them what they will need for the big day.

    groomsman proposal gifts groomsman proposal gifts groomsman proposal gifts

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    It is a huge honor to be asked to be a part of your friend’s bridal party on the biggest day of their life! Even though your groomsmen will obviously say “yes”, asking them in a creative way will surely make them feel as special and honored as they are.

    For more ideas on groomsmen attire, gifts, and duties, check out our Pinterest board entitled “For The Guys“. Stay tuned next month for a fun blog on how to propose to your flower girls and ring bearers!