• How To Have A Great Sparkler Exit

  • Light up your night with a great sparkler exit!

    After you have married the love of your life and danced the night away with your friends and family, the only thing left to do is to bid farewell to your loved ones and hop in the car that will whisk you away to begin your honeymoon.

    The grand exit is definitely not a new tradition. For as long as people have been getting married, there have been different ways of wishing the newlyweds good fortune, well wishes and a happy honeymoon. From rice and birdseed to bubbles and flower petals, the options are endless. The most popular one though? Sparklers!

    Sending the couple through a tunnel of their closest family and friends as they are showered with golden, sparkling light really makes for some very cool photos. But in order for it to work correctly, there are a few things to consider:

    First, the sparklers! You may have grown up using sparklers at 4th of July and New Year’s parties. Most likely they were about ten inches long and lasted about 30-45 seconds. While they were fun as a kid, these are NOT the same as wedding sparklers! In order for the sparkler to last long enough for you to walk through the tunnel and get the pictures you want, you should buy 20-inch sparklers. These will last about 2 minutes, which is really the perfect amount of time for a sparkler exit. You will get the photos and your guests won’t be standing there long after you’re gone with a half-lit sparkler. Also, make sure that you buy the smokeless variety! These will ensure that your photos are crisp and clean.

    Second, location! You will want a long, wide, two-sided walkway for your sparkler exit. Your guests will be crowded together, waiting to send you off and you will want enough room to walk through without your overly hair-sprayed updo catching flame. Straight walkways allow for better pictures, too, so take this into consideration. You will also want to check with your venue and make sure that you are allowed to perform a sparkler exit. Some venues will not allow them and you will need to look for a different exit option.

    Third, we can provide them! As one of our A La Carte options that you can add to your package with us, we will provide everything you need for up to 100 guests. Let us handle purchasing the correct sparklers, coordinating your guests, and lighting all of the sparklers in the most efficient way to ensure that they are still burning when you make your way to your getaway car!

    We hope that you will take this information into consideration when planning your sparkler exit! When it is done correctly, it is the perfect ending to your special day!