• How To: Wedding Website

  • How To Build A Great Wedding Website

    You’re engaged! You’ve begun the planning, designing and contracting vendors. You’re excited that the BIG DAY will be here before you know it…and so are all of your guests. Sometimes, guests get just as eager as you do. Then, they start to badger you with tons of questions. We get it, you’re planning a wedding– and you don’t want to have to deal with all of your guests throwing questions at you left and right. The best solution is to create a wedding website!

    Wedding Websites are a source for your guests to access at their own convenience to get any questions answered that they may have. We always suggest our clients create their own and let their guests know about it as soon as they can. Typically, this information gets sent out with the Save the Dates. That way, your guests can get excited & do their research at the same time. Some common sites to help make websites are The Knot, MyWedding.com or your local market publisher.

    vintage wedding website example

    There are a few things that are imperative to include on your wedding website:

    1. Countdown & Date
    You want everyone to KNOW your date and to remember it! The save the date can help with this, since it’s probably on their refrigerator or in their phone, but having a countdown adds a level of excitement!

    2. Photos
    Tell your love story (since not everyone may know) with photos of you both! We’ve seen different sites include baby pictures and a short bio of the couple before they met, and then their proposal story and their lives now. This is usually the best place to display those beautiful engagement photos, too!

    3. Accommodations
    Out of town guests?! No problem! You’ll need to select a hotel near your venue & local attractions, and secure a room block for your guests. Then, let your guests know!! Include photos, the room prices & options and dates that they are available for. Of course, let them know to contact the hotel directly (& not you!) to make their reservations. You can also include things to do in your city in this section for guests that are planning to stay a bit longer after the wedding.

    4. Wedding Details
    This is what everyone is most concerned about! Let them know a basic timeline of events. If you’re working with a planner, ask them for a basic sample timeline to post, so your guests can be informed right away. This is also a great section to include dress code, possible menu and information about the venue.

    5. Registries
    Ahhh, the gifts. Be sure to include a section of your wedding website that lets your guests know where you have already set up wedding gift registries, and then hope they stick to them! Two or three registries are usually enough. Provide your guests with direct links to the store’s website or your direct registry to make it convenient for them!

    6. Fun Details
    This section isn’t exactly necessary, but you can include if you’d like. This is where you can share your wedding hashtag with your guests, so anything they’re posting during the planning process can be documented. You can also share your plans for your Honeymoon getaway, since that is a common question for the newlyweds.

    However you decide to construct your wedding website, be sure to make it yours! It is a reflection of your wedding, so it’s a good place for guests to begin getting a feel of what your wedding will be like.

    Happy Planning!