• Initial Questions to ask your Wedding Planner

  • Attending a bridal show can be a daunting task. Couples can easily get overwhelmed with all the different vendors and booths they need to visit. Wouldn’t you love a list of initial questions to ask your wedding planner? These questions can help you maneuver your way through the bridal show smoothly. Plan It has compiled a list of frequently asked questions (and their answers) we get asked during our bridal shows. (Don’t let this stop you from stopping by our booth and chatting with us!)

    Bridal Show Questions


    1. What does Plan It do?  Plan It Design & Event Management is an Orlando Wedding and Event Planner. We specialize in ensuring our clients and their families enjoy every aspect of their wedding, by creating a stress-free planning environment. We take pride in organizing and executing simply chic occasions. 

    2. Do you offer Day of Coordination? We do! If you have done all the planning and everything is slowly falling into place, but need someone on the big day Plan It is there to help. You can choose to have us just for the ceremony or for the whole celebration. At times, the couple thinks a family member can coordinate the wedding. What they don’t realize is, the appointed person cannot enjoy the celebration if they are organizing everything. Plus, we love what we do (and we’re good at it) so go ahead and appoint us!

    3. Does Plan It travel? If you fall in love with us and want to pack us up and take us to your out of Orlando wedding, we can do that! Extra cost will be added for travel expenses and accommodations, but your wedding will be in perfect (experienced) hands.

    4. Can you help me find vendors? Once we have been booked we can help find any vendors you may need. When finding vendors, we will stick to your budget and offer a variety to find the perfect match for the big day.

    5. Do you work at __ venue? Plan It can work any venue. We are experienced in working in a variety of venues across Central Florida. If we have not worked at a specific place, we take the time to run a site visit to ensure we know the layout and can guarantee a perfect wedding flow.

    6. Can we book now? We can book at any bridal show! We offer consultations and can answer and specific questions you may have for us.

    We hope this list of initial questions to ask your wedding planner put some ease to the bridal show stress and allows you to enjoy every second of your planning!

    Plan It will be at Central Florida Bridal Association’s Wedding Market on March 6th, 2016. Click the link for ticket and event information.

    We hope to see you at our next show! 

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