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    Kellie and Lindsay of Live Happy Studio are truly a force to be reckoned with! They are so fun and so incredibly talented that we could not wait to feature them this month! With over twenty years of combined experience and a passion for capturing moments and creating memories, these ladies are the perfect addition to any vendor team! This month we took some time to get to know Kellie and Lindsay better and we are thrilled to share what we have learned.

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    How did the Live Happy Studio come about?
    “We have both been professional photographers for years. Kellie was born in Florida and left the graphic design industry to become a photography in 2007. Lindsay left the UK in 2002 to travel the world with a camera, and after many cool places landed in Florida around the same time. In 2012 we decided to join forces and create Live Happy Studio! We were both local photographers and figured why provide clients one main shooter when you can have two! We decided that 2 brains are better than one and together we could make anything happen. Since then it has been our mission to make as many people smile as we can.”

    What should couples expect when hiring your team?

    How customizable can your clients be with photos & poses?
    “Our style is to keep it natural, we try to shoot as many candid images as possible. People who know us well won’t be surprised to spot us hiding in a bush, laying on the floor, or climbing up walls… anything to get that great candid shot. Our clients can throw any poses out there and we’ll have fun with them. We think the best images are the one in which you’re having fun. Saying “smile” doesn’t give you a real smile, but making someone laugh…. that does.”
    bridesmaids through the windowWhat is your favorite photography trend?
    “There are so many! I think we have to go with old school and fun, there’s nothing better than a badly lit or blurry selfie with a client. We love all of our clients and its great to get in a photo with them, its doesn’t have to be the perfect image, it is more fun when it’s not!”
    What is your favorite part of being a part of a couple’s big day?
    “Being there to make sure they have a huge smile on their face, in return that puts a huge smile on our face. We love making people happy. I can’t think of a better job than spending time with people on the most awesome day of their life. How lucky are we! A big thank you to all of our clients for inviting us to be a part of your day, we always have a blast.”
    What is one tip that your could give to a couple that is looking to hire a photographer?beach wedding
    “Remember that you spend all day with your photographer, you should love their images, but you should also love spending time with them. Make sure your personalities work together, surround yourself with people that make you happy, including your vendors.”
    What inspired you to be a photographer and a wedding photographer, more specifically?
    “I love looking through a lens, and I love capturing moments. A wedding is such a happy day in someone’s life, there are so many amazing moments squished into a short period of time. I don’t know any other event or topic we could shoot that had so much emotion.”
    Do you only shoot weddings?
    “We shoot a variety of things but weddings are what we spend most of our time on. We have a big passion for travel which has led to photography trips all over the world, most recently India. We shoot weddings out of Florida too, recently going to Vegas, and before that Scotland. If there’s something fun to shoot then we will point a camera at it.”
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    We had so much fun learning more about The Live Happy Studio and the girls that make it happen! We hope that we will get the opportunity to work with them again at your wedding!
    Get in touch, you know you want to!
    e: kellie@livehappystudio.com | p: 407.221.4379
    e: lindsay@livehappystudio.com | p: 386.717.9178