• A Memorable Proposal

  • We know that every girl dreams of a memorable proposal that was perfectly orchestrated by her soulmate and catches her by surprise when she least expects it! We also know that those doing the proposing, sometimes need a little help. Although we, of course, encourage creativity and personalization in your proposal, here are a few ideas that may inspire you!

    Enlist some special helpers:

    A great way to really personalize your proposal is to involve helpers that are special to her. Whether that is your child, your fur-baby, or even a charismatic dolphin, you are sure to tug on those heart strings and make it a really special and memorable proposal! {Pro tip: hold on to the ring yourself, little ones tend to lose things like that!}

    dolphin proposal child proposal dog proposal

    Make it epic:

    Do you and your sweetheart love to travel? Make your trip even more epic by proposing in a really romantic and exciting place! To make the memory last forever, set up your GoPro nearby to capture the moment. You can make it special in a new place you’ve never been before or even return to a place that is special to the two of you, regardless of the location it will be a memorable proposal!

    waterfall proposal snow proposal canyon proposal

    Surprise her:

    The best surprises happen when you least expect it. Just when she thinks you two are just having a fun day at a theme park or having a take-out dinner, you blow her mind with the best surprise she could ever ask for! We really love the photo booth idea because it captures her face the moment she realizes what is going on.

    photo booth proposal theme park proposal fortune cookie proposal

    Regardless of how you pop the question, it is a special moment shared between two people that begins a journey that lasts forever. It will be a story that she will share with everyone she knows and one that she will be proud to tell your grandkids one day. Make it special, make it personal, and make it memorable!

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