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    orlando flower market Orlando Flower Market was started as the retail/event division of a large flower wholesaler. The goal was to source flowers from farms around the world (Ecuador, Chile, and Italy to name a few) and deliver them to brides throughout Florida, thereby offering the absolute freshest flowers at the best price. What started as a business geared to DIY brides has morphed into a company which has done hundreds of weddings/events in the past 12 months. This month we got to speak to Molly, the creative director of Orlando Flower Market and a friend of Plan It, and learn more about this new and exciting venture!

    What should couples expect when hiring your team?

    “First and foremost, we are very polite. We believe that a great customer experience begins with the first ‘hello.’ Secondly, our team has decades of experience, and are able to bring any vision to life. Lastly, every arrangement/flower is triple checked before leaving our warehouse to ensure the design is up to our expectations.”wholesale wedding flowers orlando

    What is your favorite floral trend right now?

    “The Orlando Flower Market team has been having a lot of fun with Hoop Bouquets! Whether they are carried down the aisle by the bride and her ladies, hung clustered in varying sizes behind a sweetheart table, or used as aisle markers, they add an unexpected element. Many that we are getting requests for are greenery focused with touches of blooms, but it’s fun to add lush floral to them as well!”

    How would you describe your style?

    “In general, my style approach is very organic and natural. And I’m not simply referring to creating free-formed arrangements. Organic refers to the process and ease of a design which could produce any number of looks – round and compact, gathered, asymmetric. The important thing for me is for a design to feel right (non-forced). Does the line of the bloom flow as it would grow naturally outdoors? Does a bouquet feel good in your hands where the stems are beautifully interlocked? When all of the details are in place your floral decor is pleasing and inviting, and simply speaks for itself.”

    orlando flower market florist

    How customizable can your client be?

    “In a few words, we are fully customizable. Orlando Flower Market has a large design team (6) where each/multiple designers are experts in different ‘themes.’ From elegant Orchids to Rustic Eucalyptus, we have years of experience pulling those visions to life. Thankfully, we share the warehouse with a large flower wholesaler so we have access to any flower, any time throughout the year. Typically our wedding flowers are at a farm 6 days prior to your wedding… imported… designed… and delivered to your event. This enables us to offer brides Peonies in the summer or Anemones/Ranunculus year around.”

    white and green bouquetWhat is your favorite part of designing arrangements for an event?

    “I always enjoy our more involved arch installations that are fully designed onsite. The intricacy of the designs is a wonderful creative experience for our team. It is the first thing our couples’ guests see and it immediately sets the tone of the wedding. Our goal is for our couple’s style and personalities to be reflected throughout their floral decor.”

    What is the one tip you could give to someone looking for a floral designer?

    “The process of finding a floral designer is a multi-step engagement. First, we recommend that the couple performs their due diligence to see how happy past customers were. Next is to research past weddings and get a feel for their style/common themes. Lastly, (and equally important) is to meet face to face and get a feel for how well our personalities match. Buying flowers isn’t like buying a latte…we are with you for the next 6 months!”

    Photos by J Lebron Photography, Rinat Halon and Revelo Studios

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