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  • How much does an Orlando Wedding Planner cost and is it worth it?

    orlando wedding planner costYou may have found yourself asking this exact question lately. As you begin the process of dreaming about how you want your wedding day to look and feel, you have probably noticed that everything is a bit more expensive than you realized going into it. If you are towards the end of the planning process, I bet the courthouse is looking a little more attractive every day, right?

    So what do we do that costs so much?

    It’s no secret that planning a wedding is one of the more stressful things you have to do in your life. With all the money that goes into it and all of the opinions coming at you from every direction, it isn’t always a fun process for some couples. That is where we come in as an Orlando Wedding Planner. Whether you hire us for full-service or month-of coordination, we are an unbiased, honest, and knowledgeable opinion. Like when your soon-to-be mother-in-law insists that you have to have peonies in the centerpieces, we know that garden roses are cheaper and just as beautiful. There are no stupid questions and we’ve heard all your “awkward” families issues before; they aren’t as uncommon as you think. We will find a solution that makes you comfortable and take as many worries off your plate as you will let us.

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    There are a lot of moving parts on the wedding day and even on the days leading up to it. Every vendor has a goal that day. Your caterer wants to deliver delicious, hot food to all of your guests. Your DJ wants to keep your guests entertained and having fun all night. Your photographer wants to capture all the moments that are special to you. Our main goal as an Orlando Wedding Planner is to be there to support you and your fiance. We want you two to have the perfect, stress-free day that you have always imagined. If that means hot-gluing a picture frame that broke in transit, we are ready. If that means holding your dress up while you use the restroom, we are there. If that means making a new boutonniere when the groom’s falls apart, we got it. When your groomsman spills something on his shirt while getting ready, and I do mean when, we are there with a stain wipe. When you are about to walk down the aisle, we will make sure your hair is in place, your lipstick is in check, and your dress is perfectly fluffed.

    So let’s talk numbers.

    Did you know that the national average cost of a wedding in 2016 was $35,329? That includes big weddings, small weddings, backyard weddings, country club weddings, all of them! According to The Knot, each wedding guest costs $245 on average. That’s a lot of money for your dad’s second cousin, twice-removed and his wife that you’ve never met. Want to know a great way to cut down your cost? Don’t invite every person you have ever met. Your guest count is the main factor in determining how much you will pay for your wedding. Only invite the people that are special to you because they will be the ones that you remember being there.

    wedding planner orlando costIt is scary to see how many couples we speak to on a daily basis that want to have a wedding with 100 people for less than $10,000. It’s possible, as long as you’re willing to skip the bar, only serve hors-d’oeuvres, have your college roommate take photos and your sister’s boyfriend play music from his iPod. Sure that may work, but it also may not be the gorgeous dream wedding that you’ve always imagined.

    We will let you in on a little secret: experienced wedding professionals cost money. We value ourselves based on how hard we work to make your day special and the hours that go into preparing to accomplish just that. As your Orlando Wedding Planner, we will spend countless hours on your wedding alone. Organizing your documents, reading contracts, coordinating vendors and details, numerous phone call and emails with each of your vendors, it is a lot of work. Not to mention, a wedding planner’s workday is not 9am-5pm. We are typically on call, responding to emails, and thinking about our clients’ weddings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Although the timeline may have us listed as arriving at 3:00 to begin setup on your wedding day, we are up early taking phone calls from the rental company, responding to texts from the mother of the bride, and printing the Maid of Honor’s speech that she forgot at home. By the time we actually arrive at the venue, we have already extinguished a couple fires and are ready to move full-speed ahead to set up your wedding and greet your wedding party and guests.

    Still not convinced? See for yourself and read what past clients have said:

    wedding planner orlando details“As a pretty down to earth bride (at least I
    like to think so), I was a little wary of needing a wedding coordinator. Given our situation with working between two venues, it became very apparent we would need someone to help with set up and coordination. My husband (then fiancé) and I spoke with a couple of coordinators and when we spoke to Caitlin, our search was over. Honestly, I hired Caitlin without even meeting her in person first (crazy, right?). Just communicating with her electronically, I realized she was VERY organized and knew exactly what she was doing. When we met with her in person, I realized I had made a very good choice. She listens well and has the experience to let you know if there are any logistical concerns about your plans. I, for one, am not a person who has strong opinions about every single detail. I had strong opinions about a few things, but I was able to defer to Caitlin and her expertise about other topics and she always had a great answer and reasoning for how to do something. We didn’t meet Alex until the day-of, but she was amazing also. We got to the reception venue, and set up was perfect. She was there with a smile and a tray of appetizers — seriously, an angel. At the end of the night, everything was packaged up and ready to go for our parents to take. Honestly, the entire night went perfectly. Caitlin and Alex are wizards. So I went from not being super on board with a wedding coordinator to realizing that none of this would have gone smoothly at all without Plan It Events. If you are even considering a wedding coordinator, Plan It Events is definitely the choice for you. You can try to save a buck by slaving out all of your bridesmaids, but you’ll only be creating stress and resentment (been there). Do yourself a favor, give yourself a smooth, flawless and magical experience on your wedding day. Hire this Orlando Wedding Planner.” – Becky & Kyle, married November 18, 2017

    When it all boils down, we want to see you have a beautiful, stress-free wedding. This isn’t about whether or not you hire us, this about all of your vendors. You will get what you pay for. The truth is that you wouldn’t want to skimp on the glue that holds your wedding together.

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