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    Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals is a family owned and operated rental company doing business all over Central Florida! Providing Orlando with the highest quality tents, chairs, tables, dance floors, and more, you are sure to find exactly what you need for your big day. This month we had the opportunity to speak to Darrin, owner and president of Orlando Wedding & Party Rentals, and find out more about his great company.

    – Tell me about how the business started?
    orlando wedding rentals chiavari“We saw a need in the industry back in the mid-2000’s for a rental company that would provide beautiful rentals with great service. Back at this time, most rental companies were providing equipment that was older and it was not common for rental companies at this time to stay and set up the tables, chairs, and rentals or provide any type of service at all. They would just drop off and leave. We are proud that we started a trend towards service oriented rental companies and we will continue to provide the best service possible for our clients.”

    Р What types of products do you have for rent?

    “We are a full-service rental company and have everything from tents, dance floors, stages, lighting, pipe n drapes, chargers, chairs, tables and much more.”

    – How do you choose new products for your inventory?orlando wedding rentals rustic

    “Most of the time we see that we are getting several requests from our clients and partners in the industry for a certain item and we will end up adding it to our inventory if the demand shows we should carry that. A good example would be pews and benches that we recently added as well as Edison lighting.”

    – What is your favorite trend in weddings right now?

    “I love that many Brides and Grooms are seeing the value in having a professional coordinator to help them through the process. I am a huge proponent of having a professional coordinator for any event so it’s great to see.”

    orlando wedding rentals loveseat– How do you manage so many events on the same weekend?

    “It does take a fantastic staff being very organized and all on the same page. We are very fortunate that our partners in the industry help us out with flexibility in delivery and pick up times. We also make sure we do not take on too much on any particular weekend. The most important thing to us is to be sure we will be able to provide the amazing service our clients are accustomed to and always be on time for any event no matter how busy it is. If it ever gets to the point where we feel there is a chance we could be spreading ourselves too thin, we will stop adding any more events for that certain day. Our team meets several times a week to go over the schedule of deliveries and stay in constant contact with venues, coordinators, and vendors to ensure all will go smoothly.”

    – What is your best advice for someone having a tented wedding?

    orlando sailcloth tent rental“If the client is having an outdoor event, we would advise that they be sure to at least have a tent on reserve “just in case” of bad weather. You don’t want to have to worry about the weather at any point leading up to the event and having a tent on reserve will eliminate this problem. Also, be sure who you are considering using for the tent rental is not renting the same tents that have been going to events for decades. This is usually a reason one company is so much less expensive than another companies tents because of the age and quality of the tents being rented. Read reviews and look at pictures of tents that have been put out by any particular company you may be considering.”

    – What is one tip that you would give to someone looking to book a rental company?

    orlando clear tent rental“You must be comfortable with any vendor you are thinking of hiring. Read reviews and ask other vendors for feedback. Go visit the showroom and see the operation. Does the company you are considering return calls and emails quickly or does it take a long time? Is the company you are considering trying to “sell” you or does it seem like they are actually trying to help?Don’t let price be the only motivating factor. Not all rental companies are equal and that is the same with any other vendor as well. All Photographers are not the same. All DJ’s are not the same. All Coordinators/Planners are not the same. You’ve got to feel comfortable with who you choose as your vendors.”

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