• Personalized Wedding Hashtag

  • Do I really need a personalized wedding hashtag?

    Social Media has crept into all aspects of everyday life and weddings are no exception! Your personalized wedding hashtag can be a fun way to show off both personalities, a new name (woo- ho0!), and it’s an organized way to gather all the photos your loved ones have taken throughout the celebration.

    You may be asking yourself if you really need a wedding hashtag, the quick answer is: yes. (That’s not to say your wedding wouldn’t be just as fantastic if you didn’t have a personalized hashtag, but who wouldn’t want an easy way to gather photos?) All the beautiful wedding photos your guests took can be just a click away. The key to optimizing your hashtag is to create one that has never been used before. This way your photos will not be mixed in with others. An easy way to check if your hashtag is original is to type it into the search bar and see if any posts pop up. If no posts show up, congratulations you have created your personalized wedding hashtag!

    How can I let my guests know what my hashtag is?

    There are numerous ways to let your guests know what your new personalized wedding hashtag is. (The sooner they know the more photos you can start collecting.) If a majority of your guests are on social media you can create a new post, send a tweet, or snap a picture using your new hashtag and invite your guests to begin using it too. You can also add your hashtag to your save the dates, your wedding website, or on wedding shower invitations. During the wedding day, signage can be used to remind your guests what the hashtag is. (Plus, it’s a new way to get creative and have fun with wedding decor that’s all about the two of you and your journey together.)

    Is my hashtag just for the wedding day?

    The new hashtag can be used to document all events leading up to the wedding day. Once your family and friends know the hashtag, they can start adding photos as well. Your wedding hashtag can be an informal way to keep guests updated on news about the big day or it can keep out of state guests included in all the events even though they’re not physically there.

    Your personalized wedding hashtag is a wonderful way to keep all your cellphone photos in one place and have your guests involved in all wedding events from the start to the big day.

    Found on The Knot                Photographer: Rudy & Marta Photography

    If you have any questions about your hashtag please give us a call, Plan It is always here for all your wedding planning needs!

    Happy Hashtagging!

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