• Personalized Wedding

  • Who wouldn’t want a day that revolves around them and the person they love? Your wedding can be all about personalization & customization. The options are endless, ranging from bold themes to subtle decorations and favors telling your love story. Plan It has seen many different examples of a personalized wedding, customized by the couple and each one (although the same base idea) has their own flair. Here are a few ways to personalize & customize your wedding to keep your guests’ attention on your love throughout your special day!


    Although favors are not mandatory at a wedding, some couples like to show their appreciation of support and attendance to their guests by giving small gifts. These favors are easily modified to fit with your theme and are a great way to show off both of your personalities! Some favorites Plan It has seen are Koozies; not only do they keep your drink cold, but your guests can have a memento showing your wedding date or a special message long after the night is done.  To go along with the Koozies, water bottles can be customized with a monogram design to keep your guests hydrated and dancing the night away. If a more environmentally friendly favor appeals to you, try buying different seeds of your favorite flower or flowers you were given on one of your dates. As long it’s significant to the both of you, it can be personalized.

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    Places Traveled

    If traveling is something special you share  together, there’s no reason why you can’t share it with your wedding guests as well. Each table name can be a different place you’ve both been to. There’s a few ways you can do this, you can add photos of the two of you at the specified location, make the whole centerpiece themed, or you can do a simple picture with the table name on it. This will allow you to express your love for traveling and have the guests travel through your love story while at your personalized wedding. A guestbook is another fantastic way to theme your wedding. You can have your guests sign a globe, a map, or customized, “plane tickets.”

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    Signature drinks

    We’ve talked about how fun signature drinks can be, but let’s take it a step further and personalize an already semi-personalized drink. We have seen his & hers drinks where each choose their favorite drink, create a fun name for it and allow their guests to choose either one from the bar. If you both have a favorite movie, memory, or pet together you can create a signature drink named after that. Anything can be made into a drink, just have fun with it and remember as long as it’s special to you, it’ll be special to everyone!

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    As always, Plan It is here to help with any needs you may have for your personalized wedding. Make your wedding all about the both of you and everything you love about each other and your life together.


    Happy customizing!