• Plan It Emergency Kit

  • The Plan It Emergency Kit

    Every Wedding Planner has an “Emergency Kit”, so it is no surprise that our team has one too! One of the many jobs that we have on the wedding day is making sure that you have the best day ever. And sometimes that comes in the form of a bandage or a can of hairspray. We take pride in having a solution to every problem that may arise on the already stressful day in our Plan It Emergency Kit. Each client and each wedding day has unique needs and solving problems is something that we are really good at!


    Plan It Emergency Kit

    First Aid:

    New shoes causing blisters, mosquito bites and that annoying cough that just won’t quit? Yes, these are all super common issues that we deal with at almost every wedding. But when we are least expecting it, the flower girl trips and skins her knee. Or maybe one of the bridesmaids had a bit too much wine at the rehearsal dinner and can’t shake that headache that has plagued her all morning. The First Aid portion of the Plan It Emergency Kit is definitely one of the most used sections. Not pictured but equally important: Ibuprofen and lots of it! Also, Icy Hot muscle rub, Benadryl {non-drowsy, of course}, and various other over-the-counter medicines for both adults and children.

    Plan It Emergency Kit

    Quick Fix:

    The items that fall in this category are items that can fix the little issues with can come up throughout the day that may not look so pretty in photos. One of the many struggles with getting ready for the big day is that you have to get ready so early! While the bridal party scarfs down sandwiches while getting ready, it is not uncommon for there to be an accident of something dripping onto the white shirt you are wearing! Or for your gorgeous bridesmaid’s dress {that you can totally wear again!} to not fit exactly as it did at your last fitting a year ago. But that is okay because we have a solution! Fashion tape, stain remover, a lint roller and of course, an infinite number of safety pins are items that we keep close by and ready to go!

    Plan It Emergency Kit


    While we may not be handymen (or handywomen), we can definitely “MacGyver” with the best. Whether we are hot gluing a picture frame back together after it was damaged in transit or zip-tying a floral arrangement to the backup arch when the ceremony is moved {true story!}, we want to be sure that everything is just as it was planned for and imagined since day one. While there is very little that a little hot glue and a zip-tie can’t fix, sometimes things are a bit more tedious. For that, we have sewing kits, eyeglass repair kits, and enough replacement earring backs for the entire guest list.


    Plan It Emergency Kit


    The Plan It Emergency Kit has no shortage of beauty aids either! While these items may all seem very basic, they can be a life-saver when you are about to kiss for the first time as a married couple and you start panicking about your breath or when the wind and humidity are making your perfectly curled hair seem frizzy. Cotton swabs are great for minor makeup repairs and nail polish remover comes in handy when you need a quick polish change. It is also helpful to remove permanent marker and super glue from surfaces where they don’t belong!


    Whether the problem is big or small, we hope that we can fix it! Access to the Plan It Emergency Kit is included in your contract with us. We carry all of this and more to and from every single wedding so that we can relieve at least some of the stress from our couples. It may seem excessive at times but we always say its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!