• Having a Rain Plan for Your Outdoor Wedding

  • So what happens if it rains? You need a Rain Plan!

    wedding couple rain plan

    If you have lived in Central Florida for any amount of time you know that the only predictable thing about the weather is that it is completely unpredictable! Outdoor weddings are so beautiful and so popular here in the Sunshine State and even though we would love to believe that the weather will be perfect on your wedding day {and chances are it will be!}, it is best to have a backup plan just in case Mother Nature isn’t on our side!

    Scenario 1.

    You have planned for a gorgeous, outdoor ceremony underneath a majestic oak tree. You have picked floral, décor, and even the wedding party’s attire to coordinate with the backdrop. But what happens if it rains?

    indoor ceremony rain plan

    The best and most cost-effective option is within your venue. If you are lucky enough to have a “Rain Plan” location within your venue already, use it! This is something that should be considered when planning an outdoor wedding. If you are using a hotel or convention facility, often there is an additional, smaller ballroom that can be set up for your ceremony. It may not be the perfect backdrop that you imagined but it will still be beautiful and you will still get married!

    Scenario 2.

    Your fiancé found a fantastic local venue with a lakeside ceremony space and a beautiful ballroom that is the perfect size for your reception, how perfect! Unfortunately, your wedding is in the middle of rainy season and you must ask yourself, “what if it rains?”

    rain plan wedding

    Since your venue doesn’t have a backup ceremony space for your rain plan, you may have to use your reception space. Although this is not ideal, your venue may be able to set up a seating arrangement on the dance floor or use your guest tables to seat your guests for the ceremony, send them to a different space for cocktail hour and then bring them back in for the reception. Your family and friends will be so excited to see you get hitched, they won’t mind the change in location!

    Scenario 3.

    You and your fiancé really love the outdoors and have a gorgeous big backyard that allows for both your ceremony and reception are outside. But what happens if it rains?

    tent wedding ceremony rain

    It is not likely that you have enough room in your home for all your guests so you will need to have a rain plan that allows for you to still enjoy the backyard wedding of your dreams. Fortunately, tented weddings a beautiful! While a tent rental can be quite pricey, so is renting a venue. Some tent companies will even let you put a tent “on reserve” so that you can wait until a few days before the wedding, when the weather forecast comes out, to decide whether you want the tent or not. While you will be out a deposit for the tent, the peace of mind knowing that you have another option just in case is so worth it!

    It is important to have a plan in place, just in case. Although it is rare that we have to implement a rain plan, not having one can cause a lot of stress on a day that is stressful enough! And remember, it isn’t the location of the wedding that’s important. It is the union of two people in love that matters and the marriage that is to come!

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