• Restroom Decor?

  • Yes, the guests will be having the time of their lives at your wedding reception, but let’s face it: they will spend some time in the restroom too. Why not include this area into your decor as well? Depending on your venue, this area may need a little extra help and with these extra elements, guests will see that you took the time to not overlook any details! Check out these ideas for restroom decor!
    wedding restroom door decor
    Add a personal touch to the door signs for the men’s & women’s restrooms–put pictures of you and your groom at any age!
    wedding restroom linen decor
    Dressing up the stalls?! Who would have thought?! This is an easy fix for those drab and dull looking doors. Simply drape some fabric (in your wedding colors, of course!) and decorate with floral. Voila!
    wedding restroom toiletry basket
    It is a good idea to have toiletries in the restrooms for your guests to freshen up with in between partying on the dance floor! You can make each gender specific with all kinds of goodies in them.
    wedding sign restroom decor
    Lastly, don’t forget to place a little sign like this on the counter. You want your guests to be able to enjoy themselves as much as possible!