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  • Vendor Spotlight: Rudy & Marta Photography

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    Rudy & Marta are a super-talented, husband and wife team taking the Orlando Wedding industry by storm! The passion that these two possess for photography is so evident just by a simple conversation with them. After working with these on some really beautiful weddings, we knew that we just had to spotlight them! This month, we had the opportunity to get to interview Rudy and learn all about how this awesome company got started and why they are the perfect photographers for your team!

    – How did Rudy & Marta Photography get started?

    “Rudy & Marta Photography started out with a humble passion that quickly became a heck of a good time.  We started out by taking landscape photos while we were visiting Marta’s parents in Europe.  Marta’s brother let us borrow his DSLR while we were going around on vacation.  When we came back, we still had the photography bug, so we went to BestBuy and bought the first camera that we found.  About 9 months later, we decided to start a business pursuing our passion.  That was almost 7 years ago.”

    – What should couples expect when hiring the Rudy & Marta Photography team?

    “Couples should expect a relaxed, candid approach to their photography.  We don’t pose people.  One of the things that we try to avoid are stuffy, fake photographs.  Your love is real, why shouldn’t your photographs be too?  We only accept a limited amount of weddings per year.  This is so that we can focus on each individual couple and their needs.  We strive to provide comfort and de-stress anything related to photography.” rudy and marta photography

    – How customizable can a client be with the product?

    “Couples can be very customizable with the packages that we have.  We have set packages that meet the average demand of our couples.  Still, every package can be customized.  With every wedding being unique, why should every package be the same?  We’re here to make sure that what our couples get is exactly what they want.”

    – What is your favorite part of photographing a wedding?

    “Our favorite part of a wedding is any moment with raw emotion.  It’s the moment where your fiancé sees you down the aisle and can barely hold the tears back.  It’s the moment that your mom realizes that she’s letting her baby go.  It’s the moment that your dad can’t hold his tears back during the father daughter dance. Those moments come and go with the blink of an eye. Those moments are the ones that we yearn for.  It’s the ones that we’re constantly on the lookout for.”

    – What is your favorite photography trend at the moment?

    “Our favorite trend is the “dark and moody” trend.  We try not to go too dark.  You start to lose detail sometimes, but in the grand scheme of things, we like the way the light in photographs is the hero of the image.  We like the intimacy that we feel looking at those images.  Sometimes I shoot a little too dark and Marta has to pull me back into the light, so to speak.”

    – Do you only shoot weddings?

    “Yes and no.  We specialize in weddings.  Sometimes couples get married and then they get pregnant.  They’re more than welcome to come back for maternity photographs, but we don’t take on new couples.  We have an established relationship.  We all know what to expect, so there isn’t any awkwardness in photographing them in the different stages of their life.”

    – Does Rudy & Marta Photography only take weddings in Central Florida?

    “We accept weddings in Florida, nationally, and in Europe.  Florida is way too hot during the summer, so we spend our summers in Europe photographing weddings over there.  Marta’s family lives there, so we spend time with them.  They also get to spend time with our son Oliver, so it all works out.”

    – What is one tip that you could give to a couple looking to hire a photographer for their wedding?

    “If there’s one tip that I would tell any couple looking into hiring a wedding photographer, then it would be to ensure that there’s a connection.  I can’t count the amount of times that Marta and I have turned away couples that we didn’t connect with.  It’s a disservice to take someone’s money and not be genuinely excited to be working with them.  The same goes towards the couple.  Make sure that you have a connection with the photographers.  It’s going to make the entire process a lot easier and more comfortable for you and your fiancé.  The last thing that I want is for us to come on your wedding day feeling like a stranger.  I don’t want your friends and family to feel like we’re strangers on your wedding day.”

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