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    For over 80 weddings in five different states and two different countries, Sierra Ford is really making a name for herself in the photography industry! As a friend of Plan It, we have had the opportunity to work with her and her team on some really amazing weddings and can confidently recommend her to all of our clients! Her charismatic personality and contagious smile paired with incredible talent surely make for gorgeous photos! We can’t wait for you to get to know her more!

    • How did Sierra Ford Photography get started?

    “When I was 15, while on a family vacation, I borrowed my Mom’s camera and rode around on a golf cart taking photos. I was in my own little world; I loved the clarity I felt as I clicked away. By nature, my brain is normally going a million miles per hour but when I shoot, I get in this indescribable zone. I saved up and bought my own camera right before college. Eventually, my hobby turned into taking family photos for friends and by the time I graduated college it had turned into a full-time business! It has been a slow organic growing process and I have learned so much along the way!”sierra ford beach photography

    • What should couples expect when hiring your team?

    “We are a high-energy playful team. We are always striving to get a genuine laugh or emotion from our couples. We want our photographs to serve as a time capsule, bringing people back to a certain feeling, or time in their lives. We focus on building relationships and making our clients comfortable in front of the camera. When your subjects are having fun, and they 100% trust you – that is when the magic happens!”

    • How customizable can a client be with the product?

    “Since we are all about authenticity we LOVE incorporating our client’s unique style and hobbies into their sessions. For our engagement sessions, we send a questionnaire to our couples to learn about what they do in their free time. We use that to come up with customized sessions and locations. We have done shoots at family farms, on paddle boards, with motorcycles, dirt bikes, fur babies, you name it! We find that when our clients are in their element they are more themselves resulting in those genuine photos we strive for.”sierra ford black and white

    • What is your favorite part of photographing a wedding?

    “My favorite part of photographing weddings is witnessing all the heartfelt moments that come with them. The moments where no one even remembers that we are there. A mother gifting her daughter with her grandmother’s bracelet, a father tearing up as he dances with his little girl, the jitters a groom feels as his bride walks up behind him during a first look. I feel an overwhelming sense of privilege to share in and document such intimate moments in our client’s lives.”

    • What is your favorite photography trend at the moment?

    “I truly love first looks. (When a couple sees one another during a private moment before the ceremony.) I think that they are a great way to slow the day down and give the couple a little more alone time. This is the main reason why my fiancé and I have opted to do one at our wedding next month. And of course, they give us more time to photograph our sweet couples. Over the last few years more and more of our couples are opting for them and loving the intimate moment they create.”

    • Do you only shoot weddings?

    “In the last few years, I have realized that interaction and relationship based photos fuel my creative fire. I have found that in wedding, engagement, and family photography.”sierra ford photography

    • Do you only take weddings in Central Florida?

    “Definitely not! While many of our weddings happen in Central Florida, we have photographed destination weddings in multiple states and countries. Have passport, will travel! :)”

    • What is one tip that you could give to a couple looking to hire a photographer for their wedding?

    “Meet with them in person! You’re going to spend A LOT of time with your photographer on your wedding day. It’s important to find someone that is a good fit personality-wise. As I mentioned before, when you’re comfortable with your photographer and you fully trust them, amazing images happen!”

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