• Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

  • We all know the saying, but what do the items really symbolize and how can they be used in your wedding?

    Something Old

    Usually from a mother or grandmother, such as a hair pin or jewelry. You can also borrow a charm to dress up your bouquet using a photo of a your parents wedding.

    Something New

    This tends to be the wedding dress, shoes and accessories. Often one of the three are new items that were purchased specifically for this special day. 

    Something Blue

    A touch of soft blue is the perfect accessory for any bride. It could be something as simple as blue nails, an “I Do” rhinestone for the bottom of her shoes, the garter, your wedding shoes, the flowers, or an accessory such as a hair pin, ring, bracelet, necklace, or earrings.

    Something Borrowed

    These are usually items from a loved one or good friend like your father’s tie or sorority sister’s badge to accent the bride’s lovely bouquet. 

    i do under shoe
    blue ribbon around bouquetborrowed on wedding bouquet
    stitched blue date in dressblue garter wedding day
     A new trend of the Bridal Charm is also used to combine all four elements onto a single pin as seen below. That way, the bride can wear all her “Somethings” in one place!
    bridal charm wedding day
    What would you/have you used for your something old, new, borrowed & blue?