• Three Easy Signature Summer Cocktails for Weddings

  • With the Summer Season just officially starting, it’s great to have summer cocktails that will appeal to your guests as you attend weddings or any special occasion this season. A Practical Wedding gives a step-by-step DIY procedure on how to make these delicious and refreshing cocktails that are perfect for Summer! You can’t go wrong with picking one of these options to use or possibly all of these summer cocktails for your special day!


    summer sangria wedding drink


    9 Nectarines
    1 Pint of Strawberries
    2 Oranges
    4 Bottles of Sauvignon Blanc
    1 Cup of Cointreau
    1 Bottle of Sparkling Water
    1 Bottle of Blood Orange Soda

    The Day Before Your Wedding: Cut up all fruit in bite size pieces. Cover the fruit with wine and Cointreau and Refrigerate

    Before serving add soda and sparkling water and serve with a ladle.
    monogram glass wedding drink

    Ingredients:2 Cups of Gin
    1 Cup of Honey
    1 Cup of Water
    2 Cups of Lemon Juice
    2 Bottles of Champagne
     The Day Before Your Wedding: Make a simple syrup by heating the honey and the water together on the stove top
    1. Mix one part honey simple syrup, one part lime juice, and one part gin together
    2. When serving, put two ounces (shots) of the pre-mixed ingredients into a champagne flute, top with approximately 3.5 ounces of chilled champagne (to the reasonable top of the glass)
      spiked watermelon wedding drink
    1 large Watermelon
    1 Bottle of Lemonade
    1 Liter of Tequila
    The Day Before Your Wedding: Cut up the watermelon into chunks, place in blender with some of the lemonade (you’ll have to do this in batches)
    1. When all of the watermelon and lemonade are blended, mix in the tequila
    2. When serving, pour over ice (you’ll have to mix it up as the watermelon will separate after a while)