• Technology at Weddings

  • When we say GoPros, drones, and apps, your wedding day probably doesn’t come to mind. What if we told you there are new ways to keep your wedding day exciting & organized, would you be willing to get technical?


    Using a GoPro at your wedding is a creative way to not only get amazing pictures and videos of the couple, but your guests can be involved in the fun as well!  There are many different ways to use this multi-purposed camera. If you want to keep the photos or videos more personal, attach the GoPro to someone who has a good view and is close enough to hear all the special aspects of the ceremony. Want to see your guests’ reaction to the ceremony or to something unique you’ve planned for the reception? Attaching the GoPro to a stationary object can be just as easy as attaching to a person! Adding a selfie stick to the GoPro can create personal selfies or “usie” with your loved ones. So go ahead and smile at the camera, you never know what kind of memories you’ll capture!

    GoPro Technology Weddings


    Some videographers and photographers are using drones to capture different aerial views of the wedding, which wouldn’t be possible without a camera in the sky. If you’re looking for a wow factor for your big day, a drone may be the right fit for you. Not only will you impress your guests, but you’ll also have spectacular photos showcasing your venue in a completely different view. A drone is a fantastic way to enjoy your wedding from all aerial aspects!

    Video Drones Technology Weddings

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    Wedding Apps

    With technology  literally at the tip of our fingers, wedding planning, organization, and budgeting has gotten a little easier. There are hundreds of wedding applications to help you with your big day. These applications range from helping you compile a to-do list all the way to keeping photos your guests take during the celebration all in one place. Need help picking out a dress, but all your closest friends are busy? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that too. The Knot Wedding Planner app can keep you organized, while keeping you on track with timelines and a countdown to your big day. Have someone who loves to take photos? WedPics is a perfect app to keep all your wedding pictures in one place for everyone to enjoy!

    Wedding Apps for Organization

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    Technology at weddings can be a fantastic way to get guests involved & to create wonderful memories with each other. Whether you need a little help from an app or want to make a statement with a drone, these trends can help make your big day come together.

    Happy organized planning!