• Thank You Notes

  • Remember to always say, “Thank you.”

    Wedding Thank You Notes

    After the wedding fun and planning is over, there’s still one more thing that needs to be done. This last to-do ties back to the etiquette you were taught as a child, saying thank you. Writing thank you notes after your wedding can be a daunting task, from personalization to remembering who got you what, and can make any newlywed lose their after wedding composure.

    Here’s a list to make thank you notes a little easier to handle:

    • Start drafts as soon as you start getting gifts                                                                         The majority of the gifts will come on the wedding day.  Before you take the full task of writing thank you notes in one sitting, it’ll be easier to write a draft first. As one person writes the draft, the other can write the final copy. (A perfect way to start working as a team.)
    • As you get and open gifts have a notepad and pen near by                                        Opening all the gifts your loved ones gave you can become overwhelming. It’s important to write down who gave the present and a short description of the gift. Once you get going and start opening up more, it’ll become difficult to remember where the gift came from. Some gifts may come before the wedding, if this happens you can get a head start on the notes.
    • Saving time                                                                                                                                               There’s no denying these personalized notes will take time to write, but there’s a few ways to make things run smoothly. Ordering return address labels can be a fun way to show off your new name, and save some time! Remember when you needed everyone’s address for the wedding invitations? That document will come in handy when addressing the thank you notes. There’s nothing worse than having to ask for someone’s information again.
    • Etiquette                                                                                                                                                  It’s important to remember these notes should always be handwritten and each should be different. These notes should be sent out between one to two months after the wedding. An easy template to follow is, state the name of the giver, state what they got you and how you and your new spouse are going to use it. Lastly, don’t forget to sign off with a sincere thank you! Always remember to send thank you notes to every person who gave a gift and every person who attended the wedding. After all they were part of your special day!

    No matter how you choose to write your thank you notes, your guest will appreciate it.

    Happy Writing!