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    Emily & Thomas Ganey (The Ganeys) are a true class-act! A fantastic, husband and wife photography team that documents the magic of true love so well, perhaps because they experience it themselves. They have an eye for capturing the perfect lighting, the perfect scenery, and the perfect smiles, every single time! They are dear friends of the Plan It family and we are thrilled to share them with you!

    How did The Ganeys get started? The company and the lovely couple 😉the ganeys wedding photographers

    “Thomas and I met in 2011 when we were both in college. Oddly enough, I was studying for an upcoming exam at a picnic table in a courtyard. A mutual advisor introduced us and we hit it off instantly! Needless to say, I felt something special that day and continued to study at that picnic bench, hoping our paths would cross again. They did. 🙂 We’ve been married for just about a year and a half now. As for the business, I have always been passionate about photography. My mom always had a camera in her hands, so when it came time to sign up for yearbook in high school, I was the first in line! I often “hogged” the school camera so I ended up purchasing one of my own. After high school, I attended a six-week workshop in Maine where I truly learned the technical aspects of photography. In college, one thing led to another and I shot my first wedding just before graduation. Thomas was there by my side right from the beginning. We recently rebranded to reflect the fact that we are a husband and wife team.”

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    Stephanie & Greg’s Bella Collina Wedding

    What should couples expect when hiring The Ganeys?

    “We truly strive to become friends with our couples. It sounds silly, but we love getting to know people and we feel so fortunate that we have the opportunity to celebrate with brides and grooms on one of the best days of their life! Being friends and feeling comfortable with us on your wedding day is so important. This is one of the reasons we require an engagement shoot – even if that means us hopping on a plane to your hometown to meet you before the big day. When I say friends, I don’t say that lightly. We’ve traveled internationally with a few of our couples and see many of them regularly, even after their wedding.

    In terms of your wedding photography, you can expect timeless, romantic, and joyful images. We shoot with film cameras (you know – what our parents used back in the day) to capture light and color in a way that can’t be replicated. The images are softer than digital images and we truly believe film photography is an art. “

    How customizable can a client be with the final product?the ganeys golden hour photo

    “Honestly, our package isn’t very customizable, and that is what makes us a bit different. When we first started our business, we did a lot of research around this. We found that many photographers offered a bunch of packages – and frankly – it was overwhelming. As a bride who is getting married 9 or 12 months after the initial inquiry, you don’t know exactly how much coverage you need. You don’t know how much your budget will evolve. We like to offer everything right off the bat, with no unexpected surprises when you realize you may need more time as your wedding day approaches. We offer full day wedding coverage – we want to tell your full story. We include an engagement session in your package. Thomas and I come as a team – so that he can be with the groom and I can be with the bride in the morning. We often pose together to show couples what we’re hoping to achieve. We provide your edited images in an online gallery so you can download the photos and share them with friends and family. I know that our one package may not be the best fit for everyone, but it is a great solution for many ofour couples.”

    the ganeys wedding photographerWhat is your favorite part of photographing a wedding?

    “I have so many favorite parts – but the bride and groom portraits take the cake. We love having that time alone with the couple. The joy is so real! The couple is radiating with anticipation and excitement (if they’re doing a first look) or that feeling of “we did it!” if we’re snapping away after the ceremony.”- What is your favorite photography trend at the moment?

    “Well, this is a funny one, because I think film photography is a trend at the moment. We shot film at our second wedding, so we’ve been doing it for awhile, and I would like to think we were ahead of the curve on this one. 😉 It is no surprise that film has become a trend in photography. It forces us, as photographers, to slow down and be intentional with every image we capture. It also takes patience and a certain skill set. You can’t simply look at the back of your camera to see if the image looks okay. You have to know what you’re doing. It is an art form that is resurfacing.”the ganeys bella collina– Do you only shoot weddings?

    “Weddings are definitely our forte! We focus mainly on couples – engagement sessions and anniversary sessions. Occasionally, we photograph maternity sessions, but newborns are, unfortunately, not our thing. They just don’t take direction very well…. ;)”

    Do you only take weddings in Central Florida or do you travel?
    “We love shooting weddings all over the world! We keep a map above our bed and put pins in all of the places where we’ve photographed a wedding. One of our goals is to shoot a wedding in all 50 states. So far we’ve got 16 states crossed off our list, as well as shoots in Canada and South Africa!”
    the ganeys bride lavender fieldWhat is one tip that you could give to a couple looking to hire a photographer for their wedding?“Don’t be afraid to ask your potential photographer to send you full wedding galleries – bonus points if they are in a similar setting to the wedding that you’re planning. You need to find a photographer that can excel in your venue – whether it be with natural light or off camera flash. Don’t be afraid to ask them if they have photographed in a similar environment. On a different note, it isn’t just about the photos. I believe that finding photographers that you connect with on a personal level is really important. You want to like each other and have a mutual respect. You’re going to spend a lot (a lot) of your wedding day together, and you want to feel like they’re part of the family!”

    Get in touch with The Ganeys today, we know you want to!