• The Perks of Having a Wedding Coordinator

  • There are a many reasons to love what we do. Not only are we surrounded by beauty (all the time), but we have a chance to take away stress and use our awesome organization skills daily. During the start of the planning process, couples will put a wedding planner or coordinator at the bottom of their vendors list. They figure a close family friend or someone attending the wedding can help with the last minute and day of to-dos. Save some time and stress and put a wedding planner on the top of your list, after all we are here to help! Still not convinced? Here’s a list of how we can plan & execute your wedding simply and flawlessly.

    Time Management                                                                                                                

    Time management is one of the most important parts of a wedding; certain tasks need to get done at a specific time to keep the celebration going. Luckily, Plan It has perfected the art of creating timelines in an easy-to-read format, allow our couples to effortlessly access the information and keep their wedding planning on schedule.

    Wedding Coordinator


    Finding all the vendors on your own can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. As planners & coordinators, we work closely with all different types of wedding companies. We can pair you with the perfect vendors that fit in with your style and will happily help make your special day magical! If you’ve already booked all your vendors, Plan It will be happy to attend vendor meetings and assist in any way we can.

    Payment Schedule & Budget                                                                                                  

    It takes numerous vendors to bring together a wedding, all having different payments and their due dates. A coordinator can take charge of all the different vendors amounts and act as a weekly or monthly reminder on what is due when. Once the vendors are chosen and the budget is set, we can manage and update it throughout the planning process. Have tips to distribute the day of the wedding? Plan It will take all the envelopes and hand them out, this way no one has to stop the party.


    Planning & Inspiration                                                                                                         

    The actual planning of a wedding is when couples start getting excited. This is their chance to tell us their vision. If a vision or theme hasn’t be set yet we are here to guide you through the whole process and ensure your wedding is everything you’ve ever dreamed about (or everything you didn’t know you wanted!)


    Day of coordination is one of the top tasks couples try to pawn off onto loved ones. Doing this will ensure some part of the will be wedding missed by those guests. When a coordinator is hired all of the stress associated with set-up will come off the couple and their family. We will take care of everything from putting personal items out, such as a guestbook and card box, to lining up for the processional and organizing introductions.

    Wedding Coordinator

    If you’re looking for slight guidance or full hands on planning for your big day, Plan It is here to help!

    Happy Planning!