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  • Woods Inspired Wedding

    To get a more of an ‘earthy’ & natural wedding experience, try to design a woodsy wedding; in fact, why not have it in the woods?!

    Here are some ideas revolving around the ceremony, reception, and other accents and decorations!

    wood inspired wedding aisle


    Use wooden chairs and benches for guest seating.

    wood bench wedding seating wood bench wedding aisle

    Create a unique arch way or gazebo of wood and fill it with lights or flowers.

    wood inspired wedding archwood inspired wedding kiss


    Keep on incorporating wooden tables and chairs with strong white accent color.

    outdoor wedding round tableoutdoor wedding wood decor

    For an evening or night reception, try using Christmas lights, candles, or mason jars for walkways and on top of tables to keep a soft yellow glow around the guests.

    mason jar wedding decor

    market lighting wedding seating

    Add small hanging flower balls which can create a larger more elegant looking area. They are also good as a backdrop to any ceremony.

    hanging flower balls weddinghanging flower balls aisle


    Use lace and burlap to hold the silver ware, chair decoration, and any other accessories.

    burlap wedding accent accessories

    burlap wedding table accents

    Sliced wood

    There are many ways to utilize wooden platforms throughout the reception. They can be for place cards, dish rounds, cake stands, or wooden shaped magnets as favors, which you could also engrave with the wedding date.

    sliced wood candle decorsliced wood dessert tablesliced wood cake stand