• Your Last Wedding Checklist

  •               Which Wedding Checklist Should You Follow the Week of Your Wedding?

    In a few short days you’ll be surrounded by your loved ones and in a state of bliss, but before all that happiness can happen, there is one last wedding checklist before the big day. All the major planning and bookings are done, but the smaller details are going to start falling together in the days to come. When the big day arrives you want to be worry-free and confident everything was finished and you are prepared.

    Wedding Checklist

    The final checklist:

    1. Keep in contact with your planner/coordinator.  

    They have been in contact with your vendors for at least the past month. Be sure that they communicate to you all that is going on so you have peace of mind leading up to the big day. They will be handling all vendors questions on your behalf. Refer to any wedding checklist they have given you to ensure you have all your small tasks done.

    2. Break in those new wedding shoes!  

    You’ve found the perfect shoes to wear, now let’s make sure they’re comfortable enough to keep on for the whole night (or at least through the first dance). Break out those wedding shoes, put on some socks and walk around the house until they’re perfectly broken into.

    3. Pack & prepare

    Start compiling anything you need to take for the wedding, guest book, centerpieces, toasting flutes, serving set, marriage license (if you bought it for the wedding bring it) and put it in a bin to take with you to the rehearsal to give to your coordinator. Now is a good time to start packing an overnight bag and for the honeymoon. Pack a smaller toiletry bag for your personal items you’ll need while getting ready. Your coordinator should have the basics for first aid, sewing kits, scissors, lighters, etc in their emergency kit. Packing with time will help eliminate the chance of forgetting an item and will help reduce the stress of having to pack the day before the wedding or the night of the wedding.

    4. Tipping   

    If you’re planning on tipping the vendors be sure you have their cash tip ready and an envelope with their name on it for easy access. Your coordinator can distribute these gratuities on your behalf, or a bridal party member can do it.

    5. Beauty Insider  

    If you’ve booked a hair and make-up appointment make sure the morning of the wedding your face and your hair is clean. (This is the time to relax and enjoy getting pampered.)

    6.Create a shot list    

    If your photographer hasn’t asked you to already, create a shot list for the day of the wedding. It will be easy to forget all the photos wanted and everyone you want a photo with once the excitement of the wedding has kicked in.

    7. Assign someone to take all the gifts home  

    The newlyweds should not be worried about taking gifts and wedding items home. Assign someone you trust and see often to take everything home with them and schedule a time to pick the items up. Let your coordinator know so they can make sure the items get to this person.

    8. Wrinkle free

    Ensure the clothing you’re wearing for the wedding is wrinkled free and clean. The morning of the wedding is no time to be steaming or ironing clothes.

    9. Vows  

    Practice reading your vows out loud. Make sure you practice speaking clearly and projecting your voice.

    10.  Hydrate & Eat

    The week before the wedding can be a stressful, but an exciting time it is important to remember to continue eating regularly and to up your water intake. Not only will it make you feel great, it’ll have your skin and hair looking fabulous!

    Writing Wedding Vows
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    Happy Planning!