• Little Details

  • There are many details that need to be done in order for you wedding to go as planned. Then there are some wedding details that enhance your guests’ experience. Here are some unique, helpful, or fun items for your guests.
    clothing pin wedding detail
    During the Ceremony, there can be different specific problems about an outdoor location. In order to make your guests more comfortable, you can add touches like a basket of umbrellas, sunglasses, drinks to cool them down, or a blanket to keep them warm. Our favorite was the Sandy Toes station for beach weddings!

    beach sign wedding detailsunglass table wedding detail

    umbrella basket wedding detailblanket basket wedding detail
    Make your most important guests feel that way with special reserved seats in the front row. Also, having the option for handkerchiefs is thoughtful if the ceremony gets emotional.
    seat tag wedding detailtissue basket wedding detail
     During the reception, include options for your guests to give you marriage advice, favorite memories together, or even extra change for honeymoon or a charity.
    honeymoon fund wedding detailwishing jar wedding detail
    During your big departure, guests can throw lavender or rose petals for a wonderful aroma.
    rice throwing wedding detaillavender petals wedding detail
    What favorite wedding detail has stood out to you? “It’s all in the wedding details!”