• Wedding Flowers Seasons

  • Are your wedding flowers in season?

    One of the first decisions made when planning a wedding is color scheme and your wedding flowers you will be carrying down the aisle. Sometimes these decisions are even made before the ring is on your finger! {Don’t lie, girls, we are right there with you!} Although there may be a certain flower that you have always loved, that does not mean that it will be in season when it is time for you to get married!


    seasonal wedding flowers ranunculus


    seasonal wedding flowers peony


    seasonal wedding flowers lily valley

    Lily of the Valley

    seasonal wedding flowers daffodil







    With so many options in the Spring, your bouquet is sure to be a show-stopper. Peonies, a favorite of many, are great wedding flowers due to their big, rounded, lush blooms! They have been known to symbolize a happy, good fortuned marriage. Peonies can be a bit on the pricier side, though. For the same look with just a bit of a smaller bloom and a much better price, try Ranunculus! With their variety of colors, they are absolutely gorgeous in any arrangement.


    seasonal wedding flowers lily


    seasonal wedding flowers dahlia


    seasonal wedding flowers gardenia


    seasonal wedding flowers hydrangea







    Summer flowers are so lovely and so fragrant! Who doesn’t love the smell of a gardenia? The crisp, white blooms are so pretty and just gorgeous when placed in your bouquet. The fragrance of a gardenia is so distinct and strong that even years later when you smell one you will be transported back to that special day!



    seasonal wedding flowers sunflower


    seasonal wedding flowers Dahlia


    seasonal wedding flowers Freesia


    seasonal wedding flowers Hydrangea







    Dahlia are a favorite of many and make the perfect late Summer/early Fall flower! Their unique, sometimes tubular petals come in a variety of colors and sizes. Hydrangeas, also popular wedding flowers, are perfect for rounded bouquets! And when the wedding is over, hydrangeas dry beautifully and can be preserved as a keepsake of your big day.



    seasonal wedding flowers calla lily

    Calla Lily

    seasonal wedding flowers tulip


    seasonal wedding flowers hyacinth


    seasonal wedding flowers amaryllis







    Winter flowers are definitely known for their unique shapes! Tulips, one of the most easily recognizable flowers, come in so many different shades of pinks and oranges. Hyacinths’ tall, stock-like blooms make them a fun addition to bouquets and arrangements. These gorgeous flowers are super fragrant, too! The Calla Lily, another uniquely shaped flower, are perfectly traditional wedding flowers and can make gorgeous bouquets all on their own without a lot of extra help, even though they can be a bit expensive.


    seasonal wedding flowers daisy

    Gerbera Daisy

    seasonal wedding flowers rose


    seasonal wedding flowers orchid


    seasonal wedding flowers stephanotis







    Daisies, orchids, and roses: the quintessential wedding flowers! These flowers have graced weddings for years and years. They are classics! And since they are available all year round, they are easy to incorporate into any bouquet. Roses have such a wide variety of colors and shapes! Garden roses make a great alternative for peonies, too.

    Bottom line, friends, do your research before picking your floral. If it is a flower that is sentimental to you, be sure to have your wedding during that flower’s season. Although here in Florida we have the luxury of imported floral year round, those imported flowers are going to cost you a pretty penny!

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