• Wedding Inspiration Boards

  • When you begin planning your wedding, there’s inspiration all around you. From Pinterest, to wedding magazines, to TV Shows; there are so many options! With that much inspiration around you, it can become difficult to nail down exactly what you want. We often see lots of couples have ideas, but don’t know how to bring it together. That’s where we come in! Our services can include a Complete Design Package to bring together your ideas onto an Inspiration Board, showcasing all design aspects.

    Wedding Inspiration Boards pull your entire design together, in one place.

    The first thing you want to decide is your main color scheme. Usually 2-4 colors, using some as accents work best. This is where the fun begins! This is where we begin to imagine all the different uses for the colors, researching photos, scouring Pinterest and piecing it all together. We always keep in mind the client’s budget when deciding linen choices & colors. You want to make sure that you’re suggesting something that fits into their budget. Nothing is worse than falling in love with a design aspect that you can’t afford!

    After the linens are selected, we begin adding to the design by selecting coordinating floral inspiration & decor. This can include lighting, centerpieces, chairs, votives, charger plates…the list goes on! We take every inspiration board as a challenge-a challenge to create the perfect combination of decor & design to please our clients. So far, so good!

    Here are some examples of past inspiration boards:

    navy blush glitter wedding
    One of our favorites so far…glitter! This navy & blush wedding inspiration has yet to come to life, but we will post photos once it happens!

    peacock wedding inspiration board
    Peacock Wedding Inspiration will never go out of style. For this one, we kept it simple, but still added drama with the tall centerpieces.

    ivory magnolia wedding inspiration
    Southern Elegance was the main focus for this beautiful wedding at Lake Mary Events Center. Magnolia Trees, hydrangeas and champagne accents helped us pull it off!

    navy and green wedding
    Navy & Green were the main colors for this apple-inspired wedding! It was a simple centerpiece alternative and a creative way to show off such a colorful fruit!

    Whatever your wedding inspiration is, be sure to come up with an idea to show it off in an organized, completed way. This will help when attending vendor meetings, showing relatives or just referencing it for yourself throughout the planning process.