• Wedding Show Preparation

  • “Success is where preparation & opportunity meet”

    We participate in 5-10 Wedding Shows per year, each varying in size. It’s important that we prepare for them to meet all the lovely couples, but it’s also important that you prepare for them as well! If you’ve never attended one, wedding shows can be overwhelming for first-timers. If you’ve gone before but weren’t seriously planning, there are ways to become more prepared in order to get the best vendors & deals.


    Here’s some things you can do to prepare yourself for attending wedding shows with hundreds of others wanting the same things you do. 

    1. Attitude: Bring a positive attitude. Make sure you get rest the night before. You will be walking around most of the time, so wear comfortable shoes, relax & have fun! This is one of the most important processes in your life, so enjoy it!

    2. Research: Do your research! Make sure this show is even one that you want to attend. Most shows use hashtags to promote the show. Be sure to search that hashtag to see what vendors are promoting it. Check their social media & websites to see if vendors you’ve been eyeing will be participating in this show. The show would be a good time to meet them in person and to see what they have to offer. 

    3. Mailing Labels: You will most likely be filling out lots of raffle entries. Do yourself a favor and put your information (name, address, phone, email, wedding date & location) on mailing labels to save yourself time & hand cramps. You’ll be able to cover more ground and actually talk to the vendors, instead of having to fill them out by hand.

    4. Take photos: After visiting so many vendors, at the end of the day you may not remember who was who. Be sure to take photos of the booths or people you chatted with so you can remember them when going back and looking through all of your printed materials. Vendors’ booths will also offer tons of inspiration that you can use!

    5. Be Ready to Book: Have your wallet/checkbook with you. If you find a vendor that you absolutely love at the show and you want them for your big day, book them on the spot! They may not have your date available after the show. Lots of vendors will also offer booking incentives at the shows, which is a great opportunity for you!

    6. Have FUN! This is the most important tip. A wedding show shouldn’t stress you out or overwhelm you. It should be a fun time for your, your fiancee, your family & bridal party. We’ve often seen wedding parties that come in matching shirts, sipping mimosas and taking lots of photos. This is just another part of the planning process 🙂

    Happy Planning!