• Wedding Signature Drinks

  • Adding a Signature Drink to your Wedding

    wedding signature drink bride

    Believe it or not, bar & alcohol are a big part of each wedding celebration. The couple has to decide if it’s open bar, cash bar, consumption, etc. Then, you have to decide what you want available for your guests to drink: beer & wine only, limited alcohol or full bar. We’ve been seeing a trend in wedding bars this year – introducing a Signature Drink. It’s a great way to save some resources. If you’re having a beer & wine only bar, but know some guests don’t drink either of those, you can add a Signature Drink to please those who prefer to drink liquor. Signature Drinks for your wedding are also another great way to add personality to your reception. Get creative with the names & recipes and be sure to include one for you and your partner! Some popular examples we’ve seen are ‘Blushing Bride’ & ‘Golden Groom’, instead of just listing a menu. Have fun with it-it is a wedding, after all!

    The possibilities are endless, and we’ve scoured the internet (ok, mostly Pinterest) to find some good recipes & adorable signage. It’s important to ‘advertise’ your Signature Drink choices to your guests. You want to let them see your creativity and what your favorite drink combination is. Don’t forget to have signage displayed at the bar(s) with the menu selection. Check out some of these favorites:

    mason jar signature drink
    A mason jar is always a good idea to keep a beverage in. Be creative in the presentation of these well-thought out signature drinks.

    moscow mule wedding drink
    Wanting to incorporate traditions or culture into your reception (especially the bar)? These Southern Moscow Mule drinks are the perfect way to express that southern hospitality!

    pink raspberry signature drink     signature drink wedding menu
    Try having something with color to distinguish the different signature drinks. An example is something girly, or pink, for the bride, and something blue or brown for the groom.

    signature drink bar menu
    Don’t forget signage! It’s important that guests know what to order. Get creative! We love this play on ‘Something Old, Something New’ for a bar menu.
    vintage signature drink menu
    Your Bar Signage can definitely reflect your wedding style. This vintage sign matches the rest of the paper goods, and makes for a great photo, too!