• Why Should I Hire a Wedding Coordinator?

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    We hear it all the time: “I don’t need a wedding coordinator, my mom can do it!” or “My sister has been in so many weddings, she knows how they work!”. Before committing your mom, sister, friend or whoever to the job of wedding coordinator, ask yourself these questions. Where will your mom be when it is time to cue you when to walk down the aisle? In her seat, probably searching for tissues. Where will you sister be when it is time to cue the DJ and send you down the aisle? Standing at the front, preparing to fluff your dress and hold the bouquet. Where will your best friend be when it is time to light the candles before cocktail hour? Watching you say “I do” to your soulmate. What about when the cake is late and needs to know where to be setup? Or when the flower girl refuses to walk down the aisle? You don’t want those closest to you to be running around, setting things up and missing your big moment. You want them there, by your side, enjoying it with you.

    What does a ‘day-of wedding coordinator’ really do?

    Our job on your wedding day is to make sure that you have the best day of your life. Now that might seem easy but it is what we do behind the scenes that no one sees that makes your day so relaxed and fun. Beginning a month before your wedding, your wedding coordinator takes all of the details and planning that you have worked so hard on and makes them a reality. We represent you and your wishes and will go to bat for you if someone tries to disturb those plans with their own opinions.

    Before your wedding even begins, your wedding coordinator will put together a detailed timeline of everything that is going to happen that day and distribute it to your vendor team. This timeline will determine when each vendor will set up so that they aren’t getting in each other’s way. We have a rehearsal with you and your bridal party to choreograph a flawless ceremony. We are glued to our phones, checking the weather, answering questions, giving directions, going over detailed checklists so that you don’t have to!

    On the wedding day, your wedding coordinator is the first one to arrive and the last one to leave the venue. We are overseeing all setup and installations. We are pinning boutonnieres and laying table linens. We are checking chair counts and rearranging tables and place settings when they aren’t right. We are placing favors, arranging escort cards and lighting candles. We are making sure the DJ plays the correct song and that the photographer is getting your “must have” photos and staying on schedule. We are in charge of your important personal items, setting them up and collecting them and your gifts to assure that they get home safely to you. The list could go on and on because our job does not stop even after you say “I do”. You wedding coordinator is on your team from the moment you sign our contract and we won’t stop until your dreams come true.

    Still don’t think you need one?

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    You need someone that is on your team from day one and someone that will fight for you in every battle. Wedding planning can be stressful, exhausting, and wonderful. Sometimes all of these things at once. Let us help you get the wedding of your dreams and take that stress away from you on your special day.