• The Perks of Wedding Organization

  • Why We Love Wedding Organization
    (And You Should, Too!)

    Here at Plan It Events we live for wedding organization. This is a vital part of our planning process and we encourage all our couples to adopt our habit. This includes post-it note writing, file keeping, folder making bliss. (Okay, you’re not required to do all those things, that’s what we’re here for!) To help keep the planning process organized, Plan It has compiled a list to help.

    Why is Wedding Organization Important? 

    It is imperative to know why organization is important while planning a wedding. Being organized is not just for planners, but for couples too. Some of the initial planning may start without a wedding planner. This is an essential time to start getting organized. Once you hire a planner (and we recommend you do) all paperwork, ideas, and questions should all be accessible.

    Gather all the Contracts 

    Once the planning process has started, contracts and paperwork will be coming your way. These contacts are important for you and your wedding planner. They hold contact information, day of wedding details, and any special instructions we may need to know. A perfect way to store these contacts are in a binder or an online folder.

    Personal Wedding Items 

    Plan It encourages our couples to provide personalized wedding items. Purchasing items usually does not happen all in the same day. Find a place in your home to collect all the items until the wedding day. Once your planner is ready to take the items, they’re all neatly stored in one collective place.

    Detailed Wedding Items List

    As wedding items are bought, a detailed list should be created. This list will include what the items are and where the items are going the day of the wedding. Organize the list in categories such as; ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. This will ensure correct placement of all these items.


    Organizing communication is one of the most important parts of planning a wedding. Creating a wedding email can help keep the communication between you and your vendors organized. This can be a place where you keep all your contracts or contact information. It can also be a quick access to any information you may need. Always remember to stay in contact with your planner throughout the planning process. They can help create a stress-free planning environment.
    Tip: if you’re organization geeks like us, you’ll have your wedding email’s inbox organized into folders for different communications with each of your vendors!

    Leave it up to Plan It to get everything in it’s place!

    Happy Organizing! 

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