• Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

  • Writing your own wedding vows is the ultimate wedding do-it-yourself.  You want them to express everything you feel for your significant other, while at the same time keeping them at a respectable length.  Here are some tips on getting started, and writing your own vows.
    write wedding vows yourself

    1. Start Early

    There is nothing worse than getting to a week before the wedding, and still not having written any vows.  Starting early will not only help in the long run, but it will help you make sure you have plenty of material to choose from!

    memory lane wedding vows
    2. Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane!

    Take a look at photos of your and your partner, or relive old memories of the two of you. You can jot down the little things you love about them, or event their little quirks! Anything can help!

    practice your wedding vows
    3. Practice, Practice, Practice!

    This tip may seem obvious, but also probably one of the most important! Practicing reciting them will make you feel more relaxed on the big day! The more you practice, the more comfortable you’ll feel.


    Good Luck!